Python for beginners/anthology

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* you can print any text file

Note: in this case the text is in the same folder as the script, otherwise adapt path

with open('peter_rabbit.txt') as f:

for line in f:

print line

* now you can call operations on this text

new_text = []

with open('peter_rabbit.txt') as f:

for line in f:

for word in line:

if len(word) >= 5:


print(“ “.join(new_text))

* remove punctuation

import string

def remove_punct(f):

tokens = (' '.join(line.replace('\n', ) for line in f)).lower()

for c in string.punctuation:

tokens= tokens.replace(c," ")

return tokens

tokens = remove_punct(f)

* random choice & shuffle

from random import choice, shuffle

names = [peter, benjamin, flopsy, tod, tom, samuel, pie, ginger, moppet, nutkin, timmy, tailor, johnny, mice, tittlemouse, tiggy, rabbit, jemima, jeremy, robinson, pigling]

def select(names):

name = choice(names)

return name

mix = shuffle(names)

* proposal to publish an anthology as a pdf

    • play with search for words in texts with certain suffixes from texts, remove letters
    • write new text to file
    • once all files are finished - transform & publish!

$ cat partfilename* > outputfilename

$ pandoc input.txt -o output.pdf