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Feedback from an Algoliterary flânerie in Paris 10-14 december 2015 + see photos



On "School of Text" with Cécile Portier (writer & cultural administrator)

On literature, free licence & Public Domain with Lionel Maurel (librarian, jurist & administrator of La Quadrature du Net) & Silvère Mercier (librarian at BPI/Beaubourg) co-founders of Savoirs Com1 collective.

On Machine Learning with Yann Chevaleyre (computer scientist & researcher)

On Creating Bots & other creatures with Jeff Guess (artist and professor of digital media at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy) in company of Anne Laforêt & Roland Fischer.


La Toile que nous voulons. Des "Big Data" au web néguentropique. Entretiens du Nouveau Monde Industriel 14&15 december 2015 @ Beaubourg, Paris.

Reminder of the research program & studies on algorithms presented :

  • ALGODIV (Algorithme et diversité : Recommandation algorithmique et

diversité des informations du web) introduced by Dominique Cardon (author of À quoi rêvent les algorithmes ?)

  • ALGOV Algorithmic Governementality. About those algorithms that govern our lives – a research project funded by F.R.F.C / F.N.R.S.:
  • Theories of Algorithms by David Berry from Sussex Humanities Lab