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Topics for 2018-2019

Sessions à la carte, open to anyone, no previous knowledge necessary, focus on Oulipo-based recipes around processes and practises of machine learning, with the aim to play, write, enjoy, enhance.

Next Meetings

Past Meetings

  • Friday 26 April 2019 10-18h: Workshop Allison Parrish in Mundaneum, Mons
  • Thursday 25 April 2019 20h: Lecture Allison Parrish in Passa Porta, Brussels
  • Thursday 28 March 2019 18h-22h: Opening Algolit Exhibition in Mundaneum, Mons. Meeting: Mundaneum - 76 rue de Nimy - 7000 Mons
  • Friday 1 March 2019 10-15.30h: Algoliterary podcasts, in collaboration with Radio Panik. Meeting: Rue Saint Josse 49, 1210 Bruxelles.
  • Friday 23 November 2018: Study day on the future of reading & writing, UGent, with lecture by Nick Montfort and workshop on algoliterary practises by Gijs de Heij and An Mertens
  • 8 to 12 October 2018: Gijs de Heij and An Mertens offer a workshop at the Mundaneum in Mons with students of ARTS2, **Numediart and other schools, on the use of statistical machine learning models and archival materials for literary writing. The artists will propose existing tools and practices and Oulipian methodologies for the play of algoliterary writing games. Participants in the workshop will be able to continue developing their works after the workshop week, and participate in the exhibition that Algolit will hold at the Mundaneum around March 2019. More information: Mundaneum_workshop
  • Friday 28 September:Naive Bayes as a storyteller 10-18h, Brussels, Constant wtc25, Tower 1, Bd Roi Albert-II/Kon Albert-II laan 30, 1000 Brussels
    • In machine learning Naive Bayes is a simple probabilistic classifier that is widely applied for spam filtering and sentiment analysis. Based on the documentation of the previous session, we now use this technique as a recipe for potential literary creation - that can be physical, computational or analogical.

Topics for 2016-2017

Here you find a list of topics we're interested to work on: algolit encounters

  • 9-12 November 2017: Algoliterary Encounter

In the framework of Saison Numérique the Maison du Livre opens its space for Algolit during three days in a row. The group presents lectures, workshops and a small exhibition about the narrative perspective of machine learning models. These are selflearning algorithms based on algebra and statistics. They often function as opaque 'blackbox' algorithms, while they shape applications that are daily used on a worldwide scale, like search engines on the web, translation machines, advertising profiling, facial recognition etc.

Because machine learning is so present, the members of Algolit felt the need to distillate reading and writing experiments from it. By executing parts of their creation process in a literary context, they become more legible. It is way to experience a few moments that are usually hidden in the making of the model, and that co-design contemporary stories in the way they influence the organisation of information.

  • Thursday 9 November 18h30: Opening exhibition with guided tour in Maison du Livre, rue de Rome 24-28, 1060 Brussels
  • Friday 10 November 18h30/20h: Guided tour/Two lectures and discussion in Maison du Livre, rue de Rome 24-28, 1060 Brussels

Mike Kestemont (UA) on Generative Models and the Digital Humanities: Towards Synthetic Literature; Amir Sarabadani (Wikipedia Germany) on Wikipedia’s ORES-project See:,2852.html?lang=en

  • Saturday 11 November 13-19h: Workshop 'Variations on a glance' with Nicolas Malevé in Maison du Livre, rue de Rome 24-28, 1060 Brussels. Please register by sending a mail to


  • Sunday 12 November 12-18h: Workshop 'Towards Collective Gentleness?' with Algolit in Maison du Livre, rue de Rome 24-28, 1060 Brussels. Please register by sending a mail to


  • Friday 16 December - neural networks II Second meeting to dive further into neural networks. We took notes here.
  • Friday 25 November 10-18h in Constant WTC, Tower1, 25th floor, Av Roi Albert 28-30 / Koning Albertlaan 28-30 (behind Gare du Nord): a first dive in neural networks and how we can get their process legible, visible, understandable. A.O. we'll build a neural-net dedicated computer / XMPP bots):
  • Thursday 3 November 2016: we will start from Uncertainty Detected, a supervised machine learning script (using Python and Scikit Learn) that predicts uncertain sentences in scientific papers. By looking at the code and visualisations of the data, we will propose some concrete parts of the process for literary, textual and design applications. Hosts: Gijs & An

  • Friday 7th October 2016: set agenda & topics for 2016/7, Frankenstein Botparade: IRC bots using natural language techniques & publication (Piero, An), I could have written that: algorithmic writing/reading machine based on Pattern sentiment/opinion analysis (Manetta):

Topics for 2015-2016

Here you find a list of topics we're interested to work on: algolit encounters

  • Saturday 19th March 2016 10-18h : Detecting syntactic style with Freeling.

How the algorithms developed for DNA-analysis can be used for essential syntactical novel writing? Host: Olivier More info:

  • Tuesday 23rd February 2016 10-18h : Writing with Film

Build libraries of 'wordclips' / dictionaries based on fragments of movies. Rewrap content / text into movie vocabularies. Replay one movie in clips of the other. Host: Gijs